Detailed spatial plan of registered immovables at Mäepealse 21 & 25

Location: Area between Mäepealse Street, Trummi Street and Kadaka Avenue (Mustamäe/Nõmme), Tallinn

Gross area: 27030 m2

Completed in: Established in 2018

Architects: Meeli Truu, Nadezda Bruk

This detailed spatial plan established the building conditions for the construction of apartment buildings and a commercial building on the profit-yielding registered immovable without buildings at Mäepealse 21. The plan designated the surroundings of the karstic area as a public green area, solved the traffic circulation plan and parking and provided the general landscaping concept.

The determination of built-up areas was mainly inspired by the idea of ‘housing in the middle of the woods’. The value of the natural landscape in the area was taken into consideration, i.e. the trees, karstic area and stream.