Detailed spatial plan of registered immovables at Paldiski mnt 25 & 25a

Location: Area between Paldiski Highway and Madara Street (Kristiine, Tallinn)

Gross area: 17900 m2

Completed in: Kehtestatud 2018

Architects: Meeli Truu, Raiko Reinson

The architectural and urban construction solution presented in the detailed spatial plan was prepared in cooperation with several architects. A layout model and modelling methods were used to find the right form, and research was conducted into the architecture of buildings facing onto railways in Central Europe. Conclusions were based on specific examples. The plan set out movement on the plot and included a connection between Paldiski Highway and Madara Street, which is covered by a console – a practical solution in Estonian weather while also facilitating the construction of a building with improved architectural character. The detailed plan set out public and semi-public spaces. The square siding onto Paldiski Highway and the passageway (5 m wide) through the planned area are designated as public space. 

The detailed spatial plan established a building right for the construction of a modern new commercial and office building. In addition, the detailed spatial plan included basic solutions for ground maintenance, landscaping, access, parking and the distribution of utility lines.

Upon realisation, the area covered in the plan will become a polyfunctional area. It will bring diversity to urban planning and help advance the area by linking neighbouring blocks.