Detailed spatial plan of registered immovables and surrounding area at Paldiski mnt 104a, 104n, 106a, 106b & 106/1

Location: Area between Haabersti Street, Mäekõrtsi Street, Mõisapõllu Street and Paldiski Highway (Haabersti), Tallinn

Gross area: 89314 m2

Completed in: Handed over in 2013

Architects: Meeli Truu, Kaja Tuhkanen

This detailed spatial plan was prepared in order to establish building rights for the construction of a high-rise residential and commercial building and an additional prospective right of superficies for an existing petrol station.  

An architectural design competition was organised to find the architectural and urban planning solution for the high-rise building area. The winning entry formed the basis of the spatial planning solution for the detailed spatial plan.

The boundaries of the registered immovable covered by the plan will be changed and the land use regulated. In addition, the detailed spatial plan includes basic solutions for ground maintenance, landscaping, access, parking and the distribution of utility lines.

A building right for the construction of a residential commercial building up to 32 storeys above ground and two storeys below ground is to be established for the high-rise plot. The plan prescribes a building comprising three blocks with different functions and forms: a five-storey commercial and parking building across the built-up area with two office and residential towers emerging therefrom.

The detailed spatial plan establishes an additional prospective right of superficies for the existing petrol station on the commercial plot for the construction of a commercial building up to five storeys high.